The 2018 California Private Patrol
Operator PPO license test in California 
is tough to pass-- but we can help!

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If you have at least 2000 paid hours (a full-time year)
of paid security or protection experience,
and meet
the other background requirements, you probably will
be allowed to apply and then take the California PPO
(Private Patrol Operator) licensing test examination.
If you need the initial state licensing application,
about 20 pages, click here:
PPO license application.
You will be filling out about 6 pages, the rest is for reading.

Most applicants don't have a lot of problem with the
test questions dealing with 'being a guard'. That's old
news for most security professionals. Where they crash
and burn on the test is the overwhelming questions about
the management of a state-licensed business-- taxes, hiring,
firing, withholding, eligibility to work in the United States,
regulations, laws, equipment, training, and so much more!
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How To Pass The PPO Test .
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Excellent, easy-to-follow GUARANTEED PASS study material,
an 13-pound PPO Power Package with more than 1500
sample question variants with verified answers many practices tests,
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Studies by United States Department of Labor predict that
the need for security personnel will be favorable due to the
expected & growing demand. To review this unbiased and
well-researched report, click here:
Security Future Outlook.
This federal report might open your eyes to new possible clients.

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'Guard companies' are known as 'private patrol operators'.
Specific employee training is required of company owners.
Not all equipment is usable by all personnel: in California,
many items require training and permitting to be used
on-the-job. Appearance, as in proper uniforms, is often
the key to happy client and more clients. One popular
supplier is listed here:
Security Uniforms & Equipment.
Note: It is better to keep existing clients happy than to
have to replace them with new clients just to stay even.